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Share your story with us, it may help someone else.

Sharing your personal story can help others feel less isolated and inspire them to help someone they care for who is using substances problematically.

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Thoughts of Christian   –   A mother shares her son’s story

On the Path to the Dead Zone  – Overcoming the pull of painkillers

Bruce Oake  –  A lifelong struggle

Lindsay’s Story  –  Problematic drug use is a one-sided game that can’t be controlled

Loss to Lost – A young man’s journey back from the bottom

David’s Story A father’s grief

David’s Story – One year later 

A Mother’s Dilemma – Letting go to get a son back

Derek’s story – No one is invincible 

Remembering Francesco  A sister shares her brother’s story

Olivia’s Story – Honouring a young life

Max’s Story – Feeling like an outcast

Kassia’s Story – Finding power through adversity