Recovery Stories

Young people and their parents share their recovery stories

The Parent Project is a series of personal stories shared by young people and their parents.

The Parent Project – Stories of Recovery

The Parent Project hopes to:

  • Sensitize parents and teens to problematic substance use and addiction.
  • Create an awareness that this can happen to any child.
  • Promote meaningful and effective conversations within families about how to make healthy choices.
  • Inspire parents to Never Give Up!

Rob’s Story

A pivotal moment in the life of a young man with a substance use disorder brings him home to his parents and recovery.

Ari’s Story

A teenager got the support he needed to recover from his addiction from a family determined not to give up.

Chris’s Story

A young man overcomes his prescription drug addiction and turns his recovery into an inspiration.

Share your recovery story and give families hope that recovery from a substance use disorder is possible.

If you have a story of recovery that you would like to share with other parents who may be going through their child’s substance use disorder, please contact us at