Drug Guide

Learn about the substances most commonly used by kids

The drugs that kids are exposed to today are not the same as the ones that we knew when we were young. 

Be informed! As a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult, you are in the best position to provide the young people in your life with reliable information about drugs that is based on facts, not fear.

It’s important to know as much as possible about the substances that young people may be curious about, have heard about, or been exposed to in order to better understand the effects they can have on youth.

We encourage you to have open, honest, and meaningful conversations about drugs with your pre-teen or teen, early and often.

The DFK Drug Guide for Parents is a comprehensive source of evidence-based drug information that includes descriptions, street names, the health risks, and what your teen might have heard about them – to help you better understand the consequences of their use by youth.

Download the DFK Drug Guide for Parents here.

Click here to download the DFK Drug Guide in poster size to print. 

Consult additional pages on our site about Prescription drugs, Cannabis, and Illegal drugs including Fentanyl, as well as other substances on our website.