Back to the Classroom 2021 – Resources you’ve missed

Get the tools you need to support your kids as they head back to the classroom.

If you’ve just signed up for this year’s Back to School series of resources, here’s what you’ve missed!

Week 1 September 14th, 2021

Tailor your conversations to your child’s age

We know how important it is to have frequent conversations with kids about the harms of substance use – but at what age should these talks about drugs begin?

Just as you would talk with your kids when they are young about critical safety issues, begin the conversations about substances early on, and tailor that information to their age and stage of development.

This guide offers suggestions you can use to ensure that the conversations you have with your kids about substance use are always meaningful, effective, AND age-appropriate.

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Week 2 September 21st, 2021

Mental Health and Substance use – is there a link?

The past year of lockdown has challenged the mental wellness of many young people, and particularly kids with existing mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

The post pandemic school transition to a classroom setting may be especially stressful for some kids. While many kids are looking forward to it and will be able to take the new school year in stride, some may feel quite anxious and may consider turn to substance use to cope – which could have repercussions on their overall health.

Learn how to recognize when your child is having a tough time – and get some tips to help them deal with feelings of anxiety, apprehension, or overwhelming stress in their lives.

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