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The Issues

Understand the issues that may be impacting your kids and your family

The Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis in Canada is a serious issue. A street drug supply tainted with fentanyl & analogues is having a devastating impact on countless families across the country.

Prescription & Over the counter Medications One in two Canadian homes have medications that are potentially dangerous, and most do not store them in a secure place. Kids may have easy access to prescription or over-the-counter medications in their own homes that could pose a serious risk to their health. Impaired Driving Road crashes due to drug and/or alcohol impairment are 100% preventable. However, a drug impaired driving incident is reported every three hours in Canada. Whether your teen is a driver or a passenger, it is important they clearly understand the very real dangers of impaired driving. Vaping Youth between 15 and 24 years old have the highest vaping rates in Canada. Vaping’s popularity among youth has grown significantly over the past five years – and there is a lot of concern that this increase may have a negative impact on the overall health of our young people.
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