Our Donors

Our heartfelt thanks to all our generous donors.

The DFK Difference1,400 fewer youth suffering from the harms of substance use and addiction each year. The Drug Free Kids’ Social Return on Investment (SROI) study in 2020 determined that the harms of youth addiction cost society $490,000 over the lifetime of an individual. 

DFKC’s prevention and harm reduction efforts save society over $680 million annually, and each dollar donated to DFK yields $530 of cost savings to society.

Source: DFK’s Social Return on Investment, Anna-Maria Bukowiec, DeGroote School of Business 

Corporate contributions to Drug Free Kids Canada help us to continue our mission to raise awareness about issues that surround substance use and provide important education and information about youth and drugs to Canadian parents.

Thank you so much to our Individual Donors, so many of them parents, just like you!   

We’re also grateful to all the people who give their time and resources and expertise in support of Drug Free Kids Canada, including our Board, our Advisory Council, and our Partners.

Join us! Donate today and become a part of the DFK community and help us prevent and reduce the harm that problematic substance use and addiction causes teens.

Our Corporate Donors

  • BMO
  • Innovative Medicines Canada
  • Odlum Brown
  • Power Corporation of Canada
  • Raymond James
  • Scotiabank
  • TELUS Friendly Future Foundation